Our Founders

Co-Founder – Virginia Gibson,  San Francisco, CA (Native American, Woman Owned)

I have been in the renewable & on demand energy and water treatment industry for over 20 years. Partnering with the EPA in the registration & review of environmentally sustainable chemicals, procurement of green energy technologies and I have consistently implemented the most environmentally responsible technologies available. A contractor to the US Navy for 20 plus years, (the only Marine & Military  Belzona Certified female) in the world; authorized to oversee USNS Navy Ships.  I serve as President, Merchant Marine Council for Navy League.

Ms. Gibson has specialized in corrosion reduction, MIC testing & mitigation, control and remediation of waterborne pathogens, energy efficiency and sustainability programs, tower treatment, hot water boiler and steam treatment, non-chemical service providers, process water, filtration & softening, Green Energy efficiency and sustainability programs in the: Mining Industry, Ship & Marine Industry, Water Pollution Control Plants, Government Buildings, Cities, State & County Buildings, Jails, Municipal Railway and High Security Locations, Food & Beverage, Wine Industry and Cold Storage.  

Served on the local non-profit boards of Navy League San Francisco, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration & Air-conditioning), RETA (Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Assoc.), International Green Industry Hall of Fame, USGBC (United States Green Building Council) & AFE (The Association for Facilities Engineering). Currently on The National Board of (AFE), The Association for Facilities Engineering (located in the DC area). Wounded Warrior and Military transitioning outreach & engineering certification, through The Association for Facilities Engineering National Board.  AFE Corporate Relations Council member.


The partnership and trust of these two women with each more than 25 years in the military and federal space and in business who joined forces in 2013, continues as SUSTAP LLC has grown to become a well-respected, certified U.S. Government Contractor contracted  with U.S. Department of Treasury, U. S. Department of Navy, U. S. Defense Logistics Agency, U. S. Department of Army, and holding continuous reviews of 5+ (Excellent) review by agencies on SUSTAP contract performances, located on CPARS, the U.S. Government Performance Evaluation Portal. As of this date, SUSTAP LLC has 10 pages of successfully completed contracts listed on U.S. Federal Government Portal.

Co-Founder - Daisy Gallagher, AMA, CPM, CCH, Washington DC (100% Latina, Woman Owned)
Past Performance (Local Government) Ms. Gallagher background includes 30 years as a certified military federal contractor, levels of clearance includes Facility Security Officer, Top Secret Level and Secret Level. She has served on the U. S. General Services Administration Industry Government Council Steering Committee and U. S. General Services Administration Industry Government Council and was appointed by U.S. President and Congress serving as national council as voice of U. S. Small Businesses (SBA) traveling the country on behalf of U.S.G. in advocacy for small businesses for fairness in contracting practices by both primes in subcontracting and government agencies. She is also the author of “The Government Contractor’s Resource Guide” which is used by government contracting officers and in university as a guide. She is a trainer, keynote speaker and instructor of government agency officials and private industry officers on project management, leadership and government contracting practices to small business. She works hand in hand with local, state and federal government top officials including District of Columbia, Philadelphia, New York City & New York State and the White House Executive Office on sustainable initiatives and developed award winning public education programs for state, municipalities and waste authorities.

(Sustainable Brand Strategic Marketing) Ms. Gallagher works on major sustainable marketing award winning programs from conceptualization to implementation including the global launch of the first Energy-efficient insulating concrete forms in the nation taking it worldwide, and from conceptualization to implementation of M2020 one of the first sustainable plans in the state of Pennsylvania bringing in jobs and multi-millions in funding She has served as the lead in the development of Eco-Park and Recycling programs & rollouts. Her company organized the first Economic Summit in her state and she served as the lead program manager. She served as the U.S. EPA liaison under contract with the government for a major and high profile national community information program (CIP),  currently she serves as executive lead program officer for the premier World Green Energy Symposium (WGES) and works directly with top officials, corporate executives (presidents of major corporations), institutions of higher learning,; including but not limited to,  the White House Sustainable Executive & Others, Assistant Secretary of Defense Energy & Sustainability (Pentagon), Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Energy, U.S. Department of Commerce Officers, U.S. Ambassador to China (Secretary  Locke) U.S. Department of Trade, U.S General Services Administration Administrators & Officials, U.S. GSA PBS Federal Government Office of Federal High Performance Buildings Executive Officer, U.S. Department of Energy Officials, city officials and state officials.

(US Federal Government & Military) Ms. Gallagher has served as a defense and civilian contractor for more than two decades, and is retained as a subject matter expert in the federal space. During her long stance in government contracting, she has won contract awards of more than 25 Million Dollars in value at a time and is the author of the best selling guide “The Government Contractor’s Resource Guide,” trains both federal employees and contractors, serves as Executive Advisor on numerous programs. In addition, she has served at leadership level advisory positions including as a lead senior public affairs officer, trainer, & liaison for the United States  Department of Defense Program Executive Office (PEO) Pentagon PMSW working with top officials. She works with Generals and other Officials out of the Pentagon and her Firm developed the Strategic Communications Plan (STRATCOM) for DOD. She has been awarded several current initiatives working with Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), and is also supporting work on an IDIQ with SAIC in Training for DOD National Defense University.  She served as the Team Lead Advisor and Executive Manager on major initiatives for more than 22 federal agencies, as well as states, municipalities and contractors of Fortune 500 & 100 corporations. She completed the Advanced Masters Program at Villanova University, Graduate of the Institute of Literature, Graduate School USDA Executive Program, undergraduate CUNY Business and Communications, holds Masters Certificate in Project Management and is board certified clinical practitioner - CCH.  She and her team are the recipient of more than 100 awards and recognitions.