COVAID - 19SUSTAP LLC is supporting mission critical USG contracts and as vital to supply chain has been deemed essential business and must and remain(s) open in full force.          

SUSTAP LLC is proud of its past performance and current USG CPARS (contractor performance assessment reports) ratings which tracks contractor performance and helps agencies in their source selection evaluations as a final report card on past and current contracts.  SUSTAP LLC has been deemed with "EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE" in all of the evaluation areas four consecutive years of service;  Quality, Scheduling, Cost Control,  Regulatory Compliance.

Overview of Our Services;   

Facilities Maintenance & Engineering Services & Multi-Management Support, 

Program Management,         

Proprietary Facilities Training and Certification in Facilities Profiling®
  Our products for facilities support include: energy resources, and shipping (detailed in Shipping & Packaging Section)
SUSTAP management team has more than combined 65 years experience in the federal space along with certifications applicable to project management, contract management, and logistics and physical security. SUSTAP team assigned has more than 20 years experience in facilities in the federal space along with certifications applicable to maintenance, water treatment, air filtration equipment, HVAC and physical security.
The SUSTAP team also has more than 20 years experience inspecting U.S. Naval Ships and buildings as a sub-contractor to BAE Systems. The SUSTAP team holds a HVAC Universal License C, Advanced Ammonia and a Class Five Waste Water certification. On staff are trained and certified engineers, including its Chief Facility Engineer with more than 25 years experience and is a CPMM Facility Engineering certifier through the Association for Facilities Engineering organization.
In addition, SUSTAP team assigned personnel has more than two decades project management expertise and certified post graduate work which includes advanced masters project management and masters project management certification; past performance as lead program manager supporting U.S. Department of Defense (including Pentagon, U.S. Department of Army, U.S. NAVY) U.S. General Services Administration (FAS/PBS), U.S. Office of Personnel Management, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. ATF, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Justice (Bureau of Prisons . Experience also extends in civilian, military, academia, and international.
SUSTAP team facilities expertise includes, DLA, DOD, DOE, NAVY, ARMY, MARINES, AIR FORCE, and Coast Guard.  In addition experience with the Mining Industry, Ship / Marine & Water Pollution Control Plants, Government Buildings, Cities, State & County

Our Product Lines: 

                             333413 - Air Filtration (HEPA filters)
                             321920 - Pallets (Includes Custom & Recycled)
                             322211  - Corrugated Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing
                             541620 - Environmental Services
                             541620 - Facilities Support Services  

SUSTAP LLC is a Native American Woman Owned Business , and a wholly owned U. S. company. SUSTAP currently does business with commerical accounts and government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Treasury (MINT), U. S. Defense Logistics Agency, the U. S. Department of Defense, the U. S. Department of Army, and the 

U. S. Department of the Navy among others. 

Its team of certified engineers, certified program managers, and contracting specialists enable SUSTAP LLC to also include services and past performance under facilities support, environmental services and program management. 

SUSTAP LLC also has an allegiance with several Tribal Nations, is a preferred vendor of Two Tribal Nations, a vetted and approved client of Seven (7) U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Authority Centers across the country and approved supplier to several Primes; including Johnson Controls, EMCOR, ENOVITY, BAE and approved vendor to Skanska, WalMart, Gentex and Novartis.  SUSTAP LLC is active on SAM.GOV to do business with the U.S. Government and is approved contractor for several states; including California and New York (see capabilities statement)     



Facilities Support Products (i.e. shipping (pallets, corrugated boxes) lighting, air filtration, etc.) 

SUSTAP offers its customers highest standards of quality assurance, excellent past performance, and a long track record in business areas, sustainable strategic marketing, environmental engineering, corporate business and government contracting.  SUSTAP serves as a contractor, and subcontractor to assist private and government sustainable goals.  Their product catalog and NAICS codes include energy efficiency technologies for commercial and home use including, LED lighting, monitors, air purification,  water filtration systems, solar panels, and transportation energy efficient retrofits. SUSTAP also includes logistics/shipping of redesigned and recycled products in their business line for shipping such as recycled plastic and wood pallets, corrugated boxes, containers, and other similar sustainable technologies.  SUSTAP offers project management, facilities and logistics management.

SUSTAP has multiple national capabilities, including; Washington DC (and metro DC), New York (and Tri-State area), New Hampshire (and Mid-Atlantic and New England),  Pennsylvania, and California (Northern and Southern).

As a wholly operated minority (native american) woman owned enterprise (NDN-EWOSB), SUSTAP also offers contracting officers in both private industry and government a solution in meeting their diversity set-aside program.  

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